Demos and Painting

BattleHaven 2017: Skill Instruction – Painting and Demos

Dave Lewis ◊ Owner of Hawk Wargames ◊ Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander ◊ Gaming Demos, Tips, Added Fun!

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Lyn Stahl ◊ Metalhead Minis ◊ Multiple Painting Awards ◊ Writer for Hobby Magazines ◊ Painting Demos, Awesome Techniques, Great Ideas…


Janene Hegstrom-Oakey ◊ Pixies & Pistols ◊ Paints for Frontline Gaming ◊ Produces Videos for MWG ◊ Painting Demos, Special Effects, How To’s…


Cameron Kendall ◊  Master Illustrator ◊ Super Painting Skills ◊ Advanced Color Techniques: How to use color to make your models awesome. Bam!

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Brett Prusso ◊ Historicals and Vehicles Guru ◊ Creating Genuine Wear and Weathering Effects ◊ How To’s ◊ Q & A


Nestor Medina ◊ Warcor for Infinity the Game ◊ Gaming Division Director for the Wargamers Consortium ◊ Gaming demos, awesome opponent, etc.


Kyle Adams ◊ Bushido ◊ Gaming Demos





BattleHaven 2016: Painting Classes

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BattleHaven 2016:   CCL – Caledonian Custom Laser making some killer things at the event, right on the spot!

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