FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q: Do these event prices include food, or will I need to provide my own?

A: Our event is fully catered.  If you have had the chance to attend any of our past events, you’ll know that one of the best parts of BattleHaven is the food!.  Everything is delicious, fresh, gourmet, and simply the best.  We can accommodate most dietary restrictions, and allergies.  Just let us know.

  • Q: Have you held any of your past events at the Silver Springs Lodge?

A: We held a very successful BattleHaven2016 at this venue in September. It was built just a few short years ago, and we are so excited to have found it! It is perfect for this event. Silver Springs Lodge has spacious areas for gaming, comfortable furnishings and areas for eating and relaxing, great on-site amenities (check out our Venue tab!), a full professional kitchen, etc. etc. etc.

  • Q: Is this BattleHaven event only for Warhammer 40K, or will there be other games and activities?

A: We will be featuring Warhammer 40k as a base for this event, however we will have other games available per the interest of our guests.  We offer customer built boards/terrain and will provide an awesome trainer/instructor on site to get you started or to be your skilled opponent. 

As in years past, we will have several board and card game options set up throughout the event. We love to play board and card games too!

Note: Please fill out the ‘interests’ portion of your BattleHaven Event Agreement, so that we can find the best fit for this group as a whole. (ex. DropZone Commander, Warmachine, Age of Sigmar, Malifaux, Infinity, X-Wing, Magic, D&D, Flames of War, etc. – just to name a few) Let us know what you love, and what you hope to play, bring or learn. Before you travel, we’ll be posting a list of those requests generally so you can know what to expect and plan for.

  • Q: Are you offering a shuttle service to this event from other areas or from the SLC airport?

A: We are not offering a shuttle service to this event. Because our guests will be arriving from many locations, at various times and through different modes of travel –this service will not be provided.

  • If you would like to have your own vehicle, we suggest a private car rental.
  • Public taxi, limo or bus services may be available to Heber and the Silver Springs Lodge venue.
  • Through our BattleHaven Facebook page, you can reach out to other guests to inquire about possible carpooling options. We will not monitor, guarantee or be responsible for how, with whom or when you travel. Please plan responsibly so you don’t miss a moment of BattleHaven.
  • Q: I’d like to make it a longer trip, since I’m already traveling to Utah. Are there other attractions to be seen, or events around this time, that might interest me?

A: By design, BattleHaven begins just a few days after the annual Salt Lake Comic Con (SLCC). This is one of the largest cons nationally and is said to compare to San Diego’s. It’s pretty amazing, and already has quite the lineup of celebrities, events and vendors. Though we will not have lodging available during SLCC, there are hundreds of lodging options in and around the Salt Lake City area.

Utah has a host of incredible attractions. It boasts: world-class golf; a huge variety of museums and exhibits; beautiful public parks, amusement parks and attractions; every variety of food and shopping (for all tastes and budgets); spectacular resorts and spas; incredible outdoor sports (ex. water motorsports, river rafting, fishing, horseback riding, zip-lines, hiking and mountain biking trails, ATV & dirt biking, etc.); professional sporting events; a wide variety of musical concerts and theatrical productions; …and more National Parks then you probably knew existed in all of the U.S.

We love Utah, and know you will too.

  • Q: How can I get in Contact and stay connected with you?






801.735-4546 (phone number for payment-related calls only please)