Special Guests

2017 Invitational Guests Announced!  Check back for more updates!








We are excited to announce that Dave Lewis of Hawk Wargames is coming out for BattleHaven 2017. Dave is a long-time friend of our team and we are thrilled to have him join us in Utah.

Hawk Wargames is the company behind Dropzone Commander, a sci-fi massed battle game, and the newly released Dropfleet Commander, a spaceship based orbital combat tabletop game.

Hawk Wargames is dedicated to the design, development and production of high quality miniatures and wargames. Each piece is incredibly detailed and beautifully crafted.

Check out all their amazing offerings at:
Hawk Wargames








And Again this Year!!!!…..Guests will be enchanted to mingle with the likes of “those guys” from 40K Amateur Hour YouTube channel.40KAH LOGO

40KAH guys

For those of you that haven’t heard of them…yet…40K Amateur Hour is the Warhammer 40K channel for the newbie in all of us. Whether you’re brand new to the game, or just want to go back to some grass roots basics, this channel is for you. Exploring just a little bit of everything, from HOW TO videos, to BATTLE REPORTS, PAINTING, and even exploring other gaming systems… you will never know what you’re  going to get. And in the end they always focus on THE FUN! 




We will be having Lyn Stahl join us in September 2017 and are so ecstatic about it! She is an amazing painter, and will be offering some classes during the BattleHaven event.


Here’s some info and where to find out more about her:

-Lyn started painting and collecting miniatures in 1997.
-Metalhead Minis was established in 2009.
-She has been competing and teaching classes for miniature hobby since 2008.
-Lyn has received numerous awards at conventions such as Gencon Indy, ReaperCon, Austin Scale Model Show, Tulsa Figure Show and more!
-She has over 25 years total of teaching and training experience (for multiple skills and jobs).
-Lyn writes/wrote for several hobby magazines such as: Golden D6, Figure Painter Magazine, Ravage, Irregular Magazine, Portal Magazine, and more.



Nestor is a Warcor for Infinity the Game, and is the Gaming Division Director for the Wargamers Consortium.
Nestor has been running and playing Infinity events for over 4 years. He has helped grow the New York/New Jersey communities by running demos and tournaments at local gaming stores. Nestor has also helped run and organize events at TempleCon, CaptainCon, and GenCon – and has run a yearly Infinity event in Albany, NY know as Dire States: NY.

Nestor is also a legionnaire for Cool Mini or Not and enjoys giving demos for Wrath of Kinds and Dark Age anytime. He enjoys playing the games as well; with his Nasier for Wrath of Kinds, and his Ice Caste for Dark Age. Nestor just picked up Guild Ball recently (to play when he can spare some time) and isn’t opposed to learning new games. He recently started getting into board games such as Zombicide Black Plague, The Others, and Blood Rage, and hopes to get into more.


Interested in being a special guest?  Please contact us at: